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My Ocean Love

RRP $18.99

Deep beneath the oceans, lives a race of humanoid people, who have been there, since the dawn of intelligent life. New human technology, forces this race to come out of hiding, on their own terms, before they are found. Out of this scenario, comes a love more profound than most. Erin Trenton, an oceanographer for NOAA is the first to discover this race and the one to experience this unusual love she finds. Erin goes on a journey that confronts the face of love and, what it could be, if experienced in full, without restraint. What does Erin find beneath the waters she loves? Only the reader knows.

Ruth Fielding Homeward Bound; Or, A Red Cross Worker's Ocean Perils

RRP $16.99

"And you once said, Heavy Stone, that you did not believe a poilu could love a fat girl!" Helen said it in something like awe. While Ruth's tea-urn bubbled cozily three pair of very bright eyes were bent above a tiny, iridescent spark which adorned the "heart finger" of the plumper girl's left hand.

On The Origin Of Continents And Oceans

RRP $420.00

ON THE ORIGIN OF CONTINENTS AND OCEANS is a completely new and somewhat controversial way of looking at and understanding modern scientific evidence about the origin of Earth's continents and oceans. Since the 1960s this evidence has traditionally been gathered in support of Plate Tectonic studies and as such, until now, has rarely been looked at other than from a conventional Plate Tectonic perspective. This conventional perspective insists that the origin of the continents and oceans is a random, non-predictable, and sometimes catastrophic process-a process that is understood by very few and remains unchallenged by most. In this book, the same modern scientific evidence as used in Plate Tectonic studies is used to recreate and discuss the entire 4,000 million years of Earth's recorded geological history. This discussion commences with an ancient primordial Earth comprising an assemblage of the most ancient Archaean continental crusts. Discussion then continues through the various supercontinental stages until breakup of the ancient Pangaea supercontinent occurred to form the modern continents during the late-Permian Period, as well as opening of each of the modern oceans. The location of each ancient magnetic pole is shown to remain diametrically opposed throughout this entire time, as it is today, and these poles are precisely located on all constructed models of the ancient Earth. Each established pole and equator is shown to coincide precisely with observed ancient climate zones and ancient geographical evidence. Similarly, plant and animal species evolution, extinction, and migration is shown to be intimately related to progressive continental break-up, sea-level changes, and opening of the modern oceans, in particular during the past 250 million years. By adopting this new scientific perspective it is shown that global extinctions are not related to random catastrophic events-events we are led to believe predict a gloomy end to civilisation as we know it-but, more importantly, these events are shown to coincide with non-catastrophic, wholesale continental breakup as well as climate and sea-level changes that occur naturally over many millions of years. In contrast to what we are currently led to believe in conventional tectonic studies, this new perspective is telling a completely different story about the origin of Earth's continents and oceans; one that shows a very simple, predictable, easily understood, and holistic process involving a progressively changing Earth surface area and surface curvature through time. By simply changing our misguided assumptions about the physical characteristics of the ancient Earth, the new perspective presented here represents a paradigm shift in the way we are able to understand and challenge our conventional views on the origin of the continents and oceans.


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