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Go Cruising

RRP $12.99

Covers the essentials required to help young people become interested and valuable members of crew on both sail and power cruising yachts. This book is aimed at children aged 7-12.

So You Think You Want To Sail...a Condensed Guide To Leisure And Extended Cruising

RRP $13.99

Whether you are the captain, crew, guest, or spouse, here is a concise, REALISTIC, no-nonsense guide to having a pleasant and safe sailing experience on a small to medium-sized sailboat. Margaret Angiel, long time boat owner, sailor, and first and "only mate," shares her knowledge and experience of over 30 years, 15 of which have been spent living aboard. Included, are all the basics that you need to know from preparing yourself to preparing the boat without the technical and lengthy jargon. Tips address concerns in the areas of health, safety, provisioning, tourism, adjusting to the space dynamics of a boat and more. There is a checklist and additional space at the end of the guide to assist the reader in organizing his/her individual concerns and to create a "things to do" list that can remain with them throughout their trip.

Ocean Travel And Cruising

RRP $363.99

In Ocean Travel and Cruising: A Cultural Analysis, noted author Arthur Asa Berger turns his critical eye to the phenomenon of ocean cruising. This academically solid yet reader-friendly book brings a multidisciplinary cultural studies approach to the subject, examining ocean cruising from economic, semiotic, sociological, psychoanalytic, and marketing perspectives, and offering insights not provided by the more traditional sociological approaches to the subject. You'll explore cruise demographics, the relationship between cruising and gender, the sociology of dining on cruise ships, hedonism and pleasure seeking, the "compulsion to cruise," consolidation in the industry, the exploitation of workers on cruise ships, and a great deal more.
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